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Published writing linked to the project

Speed. S., (2018) The Battle of Barton Moss. In Geelan, Torsten, González Hernando, Marcos, Walsh, Peter William (Eds). From Financial Crisis to Social Change 129-148. Palgrave MacMillan.

Speed. S., (2017) Evicting Manchester’s Street Homeless. In Vickie Cooper & David Whyte (Eds). The Violence Of Austerity 203-211. Pluto Press.


Keep Moving! Report on the policing of the Barton Moss Community Protection Camp by the Centre for the Study of Crime, Criminalisation and Social Exclusion, Liverpool John Moores University and University of York



Contamination at Barton Moss - Salford Star Issue 10, page 35.

Barton Cross - Salford Star Issue 11, page 24-25.


Police Violence at Barton Moss Anti-Fracking Protest (invited talk) – How Violent is Britain Conference at Liverpool University. May 2014


Battle of Barton Moss (conference paper) – Crisis and Social Change: Towards Alternative Horizons conference at Cambridge University. September 2014  


Photographing Anti-Fracking protests (invited talk) – People’s History Museum September 2014


Panel Member (invited) - The Greater Manchester Campaigns Bazaar ‘Local Activism in the Age of Austerity’ at Manchester Academy, Manchester University. December 2014


Plenary (invited talk) – Housing Justice Conference at Open University, Friends Meeting House, Liverpool. May 2018

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